Web Apps

The importance of web apps cannot be denied in present age of technology, most of daily tasks are done with the help of these technologies. Web apps have improved the quality of internet and browser working. Web apps help users to work better & quick, web apps run data to server and retrieve it back without interference. Development in web apps is incredible users can play videos, live chats, audios can be listened in short whole world on a click.

Technologies Aldaim Solutions using for Web Apps

For successful working of any program the developer has to choose best technology in web apps, so they can serve better. Here are some client side scripting technologies which are being used in web apps, their nature and role in working of web apps is described below:

  • Ruby on Rails

    Rails is basically a web application frame work, which is consist of everything needs to create database baked web application. It helps the developers to create websites and applications by providing structures for all codes written by them. Moreover, common repetitive tasks are simplified with help of this technology.

  • PHP

    PHP is defined as an open source, server side & scripting language that is used by the developers for creation of web applications. It is also used for automation of tasks, creation of web pages.

  • Laravel

    It is a PHP open source frame work used for simplifying the ambiguous task in web apps development. Tasks which are performed by the Laravel are authentication, session, routing and caching. Basic aim of Laravel is to create an easy and pain free process for web app development.

  • Shopify

    It is technology used in web apps, which is a commerce platform, by creating online stores serve to manage & grow business. In web apps, Shopify is digital download application which users get access instantly and get update about products automatically.

  • JavaScript

    As it is one of the technologies used in web apps by the developers, JavaScript is a programming language of web and HTML. Aim of JavaScript is to build interactive web sites and pages. It is used both for client side and server side scripting.

  • Angular6

    Angular is a source to build web applications easily, it combines declarative templates, end to end tooling and independency injection.

    Where progress in technology has improved the formation of web applications Angular 6 is also an example of such innovation in technology. Angular6 has new features to enhance the working ability of web apps, it also updates old packages easily.


    Its JavaScript library used to build User Interface and maintained by the developers and Facebook. It contains functionality frills to define REACT.

    Web apps are being created with help of REACT. A large number of web applications are getting benefit from REACT by using data that can be changed over time. The main purpose is to get quick, scalable and simple user interface creation.

  • MEAN

    In web development MEAN refers to Mongo DB, Express JS, Angular JS and Node JS. MEAN is potentially a JavaScript based program to develop dynamic web apps and web sites, which is free and open source technology. It helps developers to create concurrent web apps rapidly.


    Just like MEAN, MERN is also created by the JavaScript with object to produce profitable development in line of technology. MERN stands for Mongo DB, Express, REACT, Node JS. The given technology has sustained popularity in web apps for creating a modern single page app. It is not a front-runner technology in JavaScript for web apps development. MERN and MEAN are closely similar so many developers and companies choose MEAN as alternate to MERN.

    HTML refers to Hypertext markup language. This technology is a language established to create documents in web apps they also give structure and layout of web documents of any web application.

  • CSS

    Fundamental structure provided by the HTML is further modified and elaborated by another technology called CSS. CSS that stands for Cascading Style Sheets, for making of web apps and web pages look slick and attractive this language is used.

  • Twitter Bootstraps

    Bootstrap can be explained as a program to initialize an operating system or in simplified term a smaller program which executed a larger program that is operating system. Twitter Bootstrap is used in development of web pages and web apps. It is a combination of open source HTML, CSS and JavaScript outline, used in front-end development of web apps.

  • Materialize UI

    It is front-end frame work technology used in web apps for material designing. In user interface Materialized UI is new addition equipped with REACT components to implement material designs. MUI is a very light open source technology used to create light weight frame work for designs in web apps.

Employment of web apps in every business

The growth of internet technology is evidence of its role in business and any linked industry. In present line of business the technology has created its pace without which no business can run smoothly.

Discussed technologies are playing a vital role in expansion of business as well as giving new experience to web developers and consumers. Few advantages of web apps are given here;

  • Collective Development

    Web applications are used in a uniform environment that is web-browser, it relieves the developer to create specific type for every new client.

  • Accessibility

    Another benefit of web apps is easy and quick accessibility of clients to required application under a same roof. No long and ambiguous procedure to be followed.

  • Modern collaboration

    To sit in front of computer and to work in particular place are things of past now, with improvement of technology web apps helps in collaboration with new world via exciting and updated possibilities of work. Web apps has a plus point over desktop technology in any business as it can be customized by updating easily and presentation of information to different groups can also be customized.

  • Availability to range of devices

    Web apps confined with a feature to connect any device via internet connectivity. This feature gives users a wonderful experience to enjoy the ability to receive and connect with desired information.

Web Applications design & development Prospect to Enlarge Industry & Businesses

Web applications like any other technology are serving business and industry with a strong impact of increasing productivity and profit for companies. On other hand users and client can relieve themselves from long and tricky methods to get connected with required apps. However, there are some privacy restrictions for the clients. Considering benefits & few drawbacks of technology it can be stated that web apps has enhanced the working speed of business, its user centric and easily developed.


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