In this era of science and technology where other aspects of revolution are under discussion, information technology is highly appreciated for its convenience and advantages to all professions of life. In line of business, information technology has served as a staggering part. POS in layman’s term means “Point Of Sale software” and ERP stands for “Enterprise Resource Planning”. The mentioned software is basically in retail business whether it is smaller or bigger on scale.

When any organization integrates with POS and ERP, they get a better vision of all aspects of business, which includes management of sale, accounting, inventory and other back-end functions.

Point of Sale Software Systems for Small Business & Retail Industry

In present days, customers want options in everything. ERP software in retail industry basically perform multitasking with several packages to integrate data and process of any business. It is playing an important role in progress of smaller business in a quick way service.

Functionality of smaller business can be enhanced by ERP and POS software. In any enterprise the internal business can be optimized with help of these technologies. POS in retail business gives a smart and efficient overlook of business. It helps in following selling patterns, runs of reports of goods and cost of business, inventories can be tracked with help of this software.

Working of ERP and POS Software For Businesses

Starting from POS (point of sale) this software was initially aimed to register the cash proceed, but with passage of time improvements in information technology brought a vast change. It served in more ways like number of sales, order of purchase, estimate of inventory, management of other features such as employee time cards and customer analytics are also included.

POS is a server with a POS terminal and any kind of payment made by customer via debit card, credit card or mobile payment.

ERP stand for “Enterprise Resource Planning” and this system of information technology is very helpful in any organization. The working of ERP can be summed up as this system help to increase efficiency and productivity of any business. ERP in any business basically unifies the tools, so they bring important parts of business like manufacturing, marketing, inventory management, customer analytics, and products management under one head. ERP was introduced for large companies but now it serves all sizes of companies.

Integration of ERP & POS in Business – Best Inventory Management Software

When any business integrates ERP and POS systems, its outcome has tremendous effect on working of that business. In any business, POS supports to capture payments data by of customer by source at transaction. It provides information of credit and debit card of customer. While on other hand ERP provides all in one business help point through its system, provided that ERP also offers some optional points to industry according to requirements.

Integration of ERP and POS bring the business in consistence with changing demands of the customers.  Coordination in front work of business with back work can be achieved by integration of ERP and POS.

Features of ERP & POS Software

ERP and POS system has contribution of different elements of information technology which constitute the given system effectively working in industry with every passing day. Some of the technologies used in ERP and POS are mentioned below:

    • JAVA
      Java software is a language of programming used in creation of different applications by the developers. Oracle is authorized to provide information and learning about JAVA.
    • SharePoint
      SharePoint is web that works by integration with Microsoft office. It is considered for document management and storage system. SharePoint supports to enhance the value of ERP system in any business or organization by giving unified view of contents and data.
      SharePoint in POS helps in management of value, data of customer and satisfaction of customer is improved.
    • MS Dynamics
      This software is for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and customer relationship management applications. In retail business it has a point of attention due to having important content of ERP in its features. It is a cloud based application. In POS the MS Dynamics technology helps in many ways like to marketing, care, management of orders and other back office capabilities.
    • Open ERP
      This software contains all in one management system in itself, also works in application management in all size of business organizations. This technology furnishes a source code available for public access. It is used to create open source business. Open ERP primarily are web applications
    • Open Bravo
      For any retail issue Open Bravo is a software specialized to solve the problems in given field. This technology help in POS by update the service provider about the stock, data of customers and it can also applied for order intake.
      In ERP Open bravo helps in automation of business process and other heads like sale, manufacturing, finance, commercial extensions, etc. are supported.

Benefits of ERP & POS – Small Businesses Retail Software Solutions

Integration results of these two systems in retail business is incredible, a smoothly running business is also an outcome of such integration. Some of the benefits are given below:

  • All necessary information of customer and purchase details is on finger tips of the staff using integrated system by using ERP and POS in business.
  • Most important and required benefit by the use of these two technologies is satisfaction of customers.
  • All back office work like inventory management is easy by us of POS and ERP.
  • Ledger balance is also managed with help of the integration of these two.
  • Company or business standards are maintained in race of gain profit and productions.
  • The forecast of all stock, sale and revenue is done by ERP and POS systems.

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