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E-commerce is a system of buying and selling of goods or services by transfer of money and data for such executions via internet. Usually e-commerce involves the sale of physical products online but it can be related to commercial transactions which are facilitated through internet. E-commerce is a medium that allows people to run business without obstacle of time and distance.

E-Commerce Web Application Solutions for businesses

E-commerce has achieved an important place in industry. Just like conventional business e-commerce has aspects of business transactions by having elements of selling, buying and payment but with use of internet that is major point of difference. The idea of e-commerce is to help the traders in grabbing more customers online from all over the world. The aim of e-commerce is to provide a flexible and fast way of trade for its users by rising significance of online stores.

Aldaim Solutions as an offshore e-Commerce website development company provides a wide range of online business solutions in web and mobile space that include:

  • B2B and B2C E-commerce Solutions
  • Multi-vendor E-commerce Solutions
  • Professional Multi-store Solutions
  • Marketplace Solutions – With Different Models
  • Auctions, Online Stores and Shopping Carts
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Shipping Method Integration
  • Gift/Coupons/Offers and more
  • QR Code Validation

Know more about Tools & Technologies used For E-Commerce Apps

As the e-commerce is used through internet it contains different soft wares which constitute a smoothly working framework. Some of the technologies used in e-commerce are elaborated below:

  • Shopify

    Shopify is a tool that is developed for e-commerce industry. It helps to run an online store by providing help in set up and organization of products, customization of store front, procedure of payment and much more ahead. It is multi-functional tool which has gain popularity due to its expedient and simple designs.

  • Magneto

    Magneto is an open source technology in e-commerce setup. It creates a chance for online merchants to expand their business in e-commerce. Magento is powerful, flexible and scalable structure with variety of control systems. Offers by Magento include optimization of search engine, control over look and contents and catalogue management tools.

  • Prestashop

    In development of e-commerce Prestashop has changed the business by providing components which are connected to customers and expansion online deals. It is a content management platform in e-commerce.

    Prestashop consist of open source platform, which involves in development of online stores. It helps to choose add on features and themes according to choice for online stores. Prestashop is easy to use and features a well-built responsive store interface for shoppers.

  • Stripe

    In e-commerce stripe plays a vital role, it is a technology used in business which construct infra structure through internet. Stripe empowers all online commerce business of any size. It is online payment system used in online business all over the world. Stripe is easy to use, easy to setup and improves online trade.

  • PayPal

    PayPal in e commerce is a service that enables to pay, send and accept payment. This is done by registering credit card or debit card with PayPal. In e-commerce this system makes the setup becomes quicker and easier, and on other hand merchants allows merchants to accept credit cards.

  • Braintree

    It process online payment, Braintree is full stack payment source. Braintree is specialized tool for mobile and online web payment system in e commerce. Braintree put back the traditional way of sourcing a payment. Braintree is a technology developed basically for serving as payment provider for any online store or industry running its business. Procedure used in Braintree includes payments via debit card, credit card, PayPal, digital wallet, Apple pay and Google pay all in single integration.

  • 2Checkout

    It is a system of electronic payment in field of e-commerce. 2Checkout is alternative of merchant accounts; this service allows the merchants to accept payments from customers in home country and abroad. Customers order on any online business and the pay on the 2checkout secured payment page. Every transaction is safe under 2checkout because it has cautions and PCI compliance with it.

Scope of E-Commerce in Present Scenario

Electronic commerce has evolved with the time and has gain a powerful position in present scenario of business and trade. Internet is playing a significant role in e-commerce. The scope of the e-commerce is understood by the mere fact, that with every passing day almost every undertaking is dependent on information technology in business. Anyone can sale, buy and exchange products via computer networking these days. E-commerce has made this procedure very quick and easy. On other hand by the help of e-commerce sourcing of payment is also easy and convenient for merchants and customers. It has created scalability in business, with bigger profit margins.

More developments are being occurred in e-commerce with help of suitable and efficient technologies and tools to serve better and get more profit.

Challenges to E-Commerce

Evolutionary development in electronic commerce has opened new doors of expansion, there are some challenges to the area under discussion but that’s not going to distort picture of even business. Although payment sources are secured and evolved but lots of customers feel unsecure under this platform. Obviously to get benefits of electronic commerce internet is necessary ingredient so but there is a large sector where customers are less techy and can’t access such devices.

Any problem in connectivity can cause unfamiliar issues to deal. For e-commerce store visibility is difficult task, because in physical store products are open and available potential customers but that is not case of e-commerce stores. But in spite of all these facts there are obviously more solutions and benefits of e-commerce to the users, with help of return policies and improving the security system these challenges can be easily removed so there would not be any perk to it at all.

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