Who We Are?

We are a Team, providing the most Advanced and Promising solutions to your Virtual needs in this age of Technology. We aim to become the Leader in Industry of IT Solutions. We are Experience. We are Solution. We are Technology. We are ALDAIM.

Creative Ideas

No idea is great until it is refined and executed creatively. We completely understand all the factors involved in every step of a successful execution of an idea. We do technical analyses of your ideas and/or requirements and help you to implement them in the most creative way.


It's usually hard to think for small or medium sized business owners and entrepreneurs to take a step for a technical solution that can absorb all their headache and give their business a real boost. We make their lives easier by our innovative solutions and take their business to the next level.


We believe our success lies in the success of our clients. Therefore, we work together with entrepreneurs to refine their ideas, using our expertise, and change them into reality. We look forward for a long term relationship with clients, hence the quality is our first preference.

About US?

Aldaim Solutions is a team of innovative engineers who transform ideas into reality. Our complete portfolio of internet-based technology services drives business effectiveness and profitability for our clients. We have majority of over-seas clients to which it provides cost effective off-shoring services.

Corporate Overview

ALDAIM is formed by highly skilled and professional individuals who excel in the Field of IT. At ALDAIM, We listen to the virtual needs of our clients, take time to reach to the most advanced, creative and promising solution to the problem, try our best to apply the developed solution to the problem to the best of satisfaction of our clients. At ALDAIM, our process to analyze the problem and to uproot it is unique. The combination of real-time analytics, data integration and process in a comprehensive way enables our customers to drive their businesses with maximum operational efficiency, optimized systems for making smarter decisions for better services and leading them towards success. We are aimed to provide our services to every individual, who needs the most modern and efficient solution to virtual problems, from a single startup owner to the large organizations.

Our Mission

We are aimed to exceed the expectations of our clients by providing them with the most efficient, feasible, advanced, modernized, creative and promising solution to their virtual problems. We always go just far beyond the software issues. We build a relation of trust. We are looking forward to devise the most modern and exceptional ways to deliver our services by leveraging ALDAIM Solutions to become the most efficient and proactive company.

CEO's Message

Welcome to ALDAIM. It gives me an immense pleasure to see ALDAIM giving a tough competition to many software houses in IT Industry. Our team’s hard work, consistency and relations with our clients have led us to this much level. Yet we are ready for exciting challenges coming our way towards success and we are standing firm before them. Our values are simply more than just words. We are playing our role in this dynamic and modern era to provide the most advanced and efficient solutions to our clients heading towards the development of our motherland. And you will see ALDAIM solutions to be amongst the top rated IT services providers in coming years. However, accepting social responsibilities is also important if we sincerely want to make our country progress. We have taken an initiative on our own behalf in this regard. We are an active contributor Charity organization, Ta’beer, focusing on children education, social welfare and natural disaster relief. ALDAIM is committed to bring technological and social revolution in the country. Because we are Experience. We are Solution. We are Technology. We are ALDAIM!

Meet Our Team!

We listen, we discuss, we advise and develop. We love to learn and use the latest technologies.

Haseeb Ahmad

Founder / CEO / CTO

Azka Zahra

Business Developer & Analyst

Qaiser Usman

General Operations Leader

What Our Customers Say About Us?


Aldaim Solutions were very diligent, and especially cost effective. They were also was able to work independently when I required it. They redid the initial bid to win the project, which impressed me, great attitude and work ethic.


AldaimSol is having excellent knowledge of their work. They are very prompt and responsive. We continue to use them for their ruby on rails expertise. Keep it up your good work.


I've done a LOT of jobs with people who put other projects above yours. With people who lack the skill to create a professional product. NONE of this was the case with Aldaim. Aldaim has more than exceeded my expectations. The work they do is unbelievable, they're absolute coding wizard. I don't know how this stuff works, but they do, and they make magic happen. They're very thorough tester and work really FAST. Things I thought would take them weeks only take them days. Excellent communication and just overall a professional attitude towards their work. I can't say enough good about you. Best of luck with all of your other clients and projects.


Aldaim Solutions were incredible. The guys just gets it. They work quickly and their price is more than reasonable. Will definitely use again in the future. They clearly have a ton of experience with mobile apps so it makes the process really easy. I'm blown away by their abilities with this stuff.

Our Amazing Work

Right here we've got something you gonna love

We are the best developers in the town when it comes to Web Applications Development. We always exceed the expectations of our clients by providing them a bit more than their demands. A strong program and attractive interface is must when it comes to our Web Applications.

We are mainly focused towards our new technology, known as Ruby On Rails. It’s the best service you can avail in IT marketplace as it comes with a complete package of AWS, Heroku, Bitbucket, Github and all other facilities to build fantastic and exceptional applications.

As all the modern laptops and computer systems use the latest version of Microsoft Windows. Windows is just an operating system and it does not meet the requirement of modern technological world without applications. We will provide you with the most interactive windows applications.

It’s an era of technology and everyone is carrying Smartphones. Smartphones are smart because they utilize smart mobile applications, whether it it is an android cellphone or an iPhone. We also deal in mobile apps development to meet the up-to-date technological requirements.

If you want to enjoy the most thrilling and fun filled experience of websites, Responsive designs is the key to your this virtual need. In order to facilitate the visitors, easy workability and navigation generally lead to website stickiness. We also develop the most outstanding responsive designs when it comes to website development.

Our Expertise

Technology Stack

At Aldaim Solutions, We offer valuable services in Technology Stack. The technology stack includes HTML, CSS, PHP, CodeIgniter, ASP.NET and Ruby on Rails, our latest and most advanced technology which includes a combinations of all these services.

  • Ruby on Rails, Heroku, AWS
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • PHP, Codeigniter
  • Wordpress
  • ASP.NET Web Forms
  • .NET Windows Apps

Mobile Expertise

In Mobiles Apps and Smartphone technology, we are using the latest and up-to-date technology to provide a thrilling and fun filled experience to our customers. We develop Mobile Applications for all types of smartphones, whether they are android phones or Iphones.

  • iPhone Development (objective C)
  • Android Development (JAVA)
  • Cross Platform Apps
  • (sencha, titanium)
  • SaaS Solutions


In the field of ecommerce, we deal in Designing Cart websites and connecting your Payment methods with the online store. Moreover, we also develop the inventory management system to prompt you about demand and supply of any particular product.

  • Shopping Stores
  • Payment Gateways
  • Inventory Management

Req. Analysis

When it comes to website designing, then surely you will find Aldaim Solutions to be amongst top services provider. We deal in Responsive, creative and interactive website designing, Logo designing, Facebook Page designing and Product branding.

  • Wire Framing
  • Prototyping
  • Version Management
  • MVP (Minimum Viable Product)


When it comes to website designing, then surely you will find Aldaim Solutions to be amongst top services provider. We deal in Responsive, creative and interactive website designing, Logo designing, Facebook Page designing and Product branding.

  • Web Design
  • Logo Design
  • Facebook Page Design
  • Product Branding


You own a website but worried about its maintenance? Well, then you have landed on a perfect platform because we are offering matchless services in the town in terms of Website Management, Monitoring, Emergency alerts and versioning.

  • Server Mangement
  • Live Monitoring
  • Emergency Alerts
  • Deployments
  • Versioning

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